Hooray! You are one of those lucky few who get to work from home. The commute is fantastic, there’s none of the fuss and bother of having to label everything in the office fridge to ensure that it doesn’t get stolen (and then someone always ends up using your milk anyway!), and let’s face it you can even work in your pyjamas!

However, where there are pros, there are inevitably cons. And exactly where to work is often one of the biggest. Having enough room in your house for a decent home office is increasingly an unobtainable luxury, and even moving house to try and find some more room is fraught with pitfalls. So what do you do?

Well, as you sit staring out of your window at your garden during that exhilarating phone call about the respective benefits of different lengths of elastic bands for export to the Micronesian (not a real place!) market, what do you find yourself thinking? ‘Hmmm the lawn needs mowing’ or ‘looks like it might rain, better get the washing in’ or ‘is that next door’s cat in my veggie patch again?!’ Well why not look again and this time look for the potential that your garden has to solve your home office worries?

No longer must you sit squashed into the corner of the box room surrounded by old suitcases, unwanted Christmas presents and the ironing board. No more will you have to clear yourself off the kitchen table when the kids come home from school and requisition it for their latest art project. Why? Because your garden could be the perfect place for your own, dedicated home office.

More and more people are waking up to the potential of creating a fantastic (and value adding) addition to their home with a garden room from a company such as Green Studios, and often these great little buildings are used to house home offices. Also, not only can a garden room provide you with that fantastic bit of extra space that you’ve been dreaming of, but they also can help you to create a more tangible delineation of work and home life. It may only be a 30-second stroll down your garden path, but the physical act of shutting down your computer, tidying your desk and shutting the door as you move to entirely different building, can really help you to switch from work mode to home mode.

So if you are looking to solve your home office worries, then look no further than your own back garden!

If you work from home, you may not want to publicise your personal address on your website or marketing material. The Workstation can provide you with a secure registered office address where you can receive post while keeping your home address private.