If you’re running a small business from home and you’re wondering how to present a more professional image for yourself and your company, a virtual office could be the low-cost and easy to manage answer you’ve been searching for. Here are three ways in which having a virtual office can be good for business if you work from home…

1) It helps you improve your business image

Virtual offices provide small set-ups with the illusion that their company is based in a traditional office rather than a home environment, in order to project a better business image to clients. Signing up for a virtual office means that when people search for your business on Google Maps, they’ll be able to see that you’re based in a commercial part of town rather than in a residential area, giving your business that extra bit of credibility.

2) You can take advantage of add-on features & flexible plans

Not only do virtual offices provide you with a business address in a prime location, plans are often flexible and allow you to add on extras and special features to suit your operations. From virtual receptionists to mail forwarding and meeting room hire, virtual office packages usually feature a wide array of services that can help you further build on your reputation as a professional and well-established organisation in the local area.

3) It allows you to keep your home address private

Using a virtual office business address means that your home address is kept private. If you’re a business that stores goods/inventory at your home, publicising your address on your website and directories may open the door to unwanted attention from strangers and increase the threat of burglaries. What’s more, your virtual office address can be used on official documentation and you can also use this address to set-up a limited company, meaning that your home address will not be listed on Companies House.

In Summary

Virtual offices provide people who work from home with a few obvious benefits and all at a relatively cheap cost. They’re great for budget startups looking to get going, as well as more established businesses trying to find a way to bring a bit more separation between their home and work life while boosting their business image in the process. We offer many different virtual office packages at The Workstation at our network of business centres located across Southern England. If you would like to find out more about what we offer and how you can sign up for a virtual office at The Workstation, please get in touch either by emailing us at info@theworkstation.co.uk or calling us on 01727 260 177.