Did you know that you can book a meeting room at The Workstation for various purposes on an hourly or daily basis? 

Here are some of the benefits of having access to such a versatile and flexible space.

Professional Meetings

If you are looking for a professional, contemporary, and convenient location to conduct a business meeting our meeting rooms are perfect. In a business setting, you can host a pitch, interview, brainstorming session, or meeting without interruption, and that is well equipped for your business needs. 

As well as this, the space allows room for holding workshops, one-off training sessions, or one-to-ones, providing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. 

A huge benefit to the flexibility of our meeting rooms is that you can book them for a specific date and time, have the room ready for you to set-up and get acquainted with your surroundings, and be assured that you’re in a professional and respectful environment with privacy and peace and quiet.

No Strings Attached

Our meeting rooms can be booked by the hour or by the day. If you need a regular space for a monthly meeting or you need to book an hour here and there to get your head down and do some work, our meeting rooms offer you that flexibility that works with your schedule.

Say goodbye to locked in leases and contracts for traditional office spaces that just aren’t necessary. 

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, whilst maintaining that flexible schedule and routine, we also have a long list of office spaces and hot-desking options that can fit the bill.

A Move Toward Flexible Working

With the 2020 pandemic on-going, a lot of people are craving the routine and structure of the office environment whilst enjoying the benefits of working from home. At the Workstation you can have the best of both worlds, maintaining the balance between the two to create a work/life balance that best suits your lifestyle, wants, and needs.

We’ve seen a huge increase in people discussing a move to a more flexible way of working, moving away from the traditional fixed office space, and the normal 9-5. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we can work out the perfect solution for you and your business.