The way your work space is set up has a huge impact on your productivity, motivation and creativity. No matter your industry, it’s important that your office space is inviting and a place where you feel comfortable. After all, we spend a lot of time at work! 


People often choose to have wall clocks visible from their desk space to help with time keeping, being able to see your day compartmentalised into morning versus afternoon, it’s easy to follow a routine or stick to habits that you’re attempting to form. It also motivates you to take breaks at similar and regular intervals throughout the day. By glancing up at the clock from time to time, you’ll start to see a pattern in your working day and begin to ease into a timetable that works best for you. But it may also reveal that you don’t have a set pattern at all! And that’s okay! Having an idea of the time throughout the day will help you wrap things up before it’s time to go home, helping to achieve a better work/life balance as well as remind you when it’s time for lunch!


There are various ways to keep yourself motivated at work. Among some of the examples include a photo frame including a picture of the people you are inspired and motivated by. Many people have photos of their family on their desk, a pet or similar. 

Other items that inspire motivation include certificates, achievements such as trophies or awards and reminders that you are amazing at what you do! This can be a motivator to push on and keep going. 

Motivation posters are a firm favourite among some professionals, with their favourite encouraging slogans or words of wisdom.


Creativity can be kept alive with cork boards, white boards or similar to scrawl ideas and have a good break out session for ideas and thoughts. 

Favourite pieces of artwork, sketches, prints or photographs that get the creative juices flowing are another firm favourite for some professionals. 

Having movement on your desk such as a lava lamp, sand timer or the soft glow of a salt lamp have also been spotted on desks of creative professionals looking to set the scene at their workspace. 


Being able to access everything you need helps make a workspace work well for you. Making sure you have everything to hand in your top drawer, or in your desk organiser will make for less time spent searching for something that you need, wasting your precious time! 

Other items that help with convenience include a mug warmer, wet wipes for spillages, a mini fridge for cold drinks and snacks as well as USB charging points for your phone and other devices. 

Kicking back and relaxing

Work isn’t always about being at the grind. Your workspace should also be a place where you can take regular breaks and step away from the screen from time to time. Popular items include yoga balls to sit on, a comfortable and sturdy office chair that you can adjust to your requirements, a back massager, hot water bottle and lots more.

Don’t forget to make sure your equipment reflects comfort too. Whether it’s a desk that can be adjusted to become a standing desk when you want to stretch your legs, or a foot rest that can help take the weight off, there are a range of products to help customise your work space to suit your needs. 


Over the last year or so many of us have had to swap our office lives for working from home. This has resulted in the increase of hybrid working spaces whether they are makeshift in the bedroom, utilising shed space or propping up your breakfast bar, you can still make a work space comfortable and convenient to your needs. 

Changing it up every once in a while is highly recommended, getting a change of scenery and that is why The Workstation provides beautifully equipped suites in a range of convenient and desirable locations across the UK. With a range of solutions from hot desking, co-working through to private rentable office spaces, we have an option that will suit you perfectly. Find out more here.