Choosing a virtual office over real bricks and mortar is a popular choice for lots of start-up companies… but why?

Flexible working is more popular than ever

There was a time when the perception of working was always linked to an actual place of work – usually an office. And although for the majority this is still the case, there has been a notable rise in the number of home office and virtual office workers in recent years, largely thanks to technological advances of the last decade or so.

It fits in with the working from home lifestyle

Working from home is a lifestyle choice and even though your business is doing well, you might not be quite ready to give up study for serviced office space. But, you might also be at a stage in your career and the life of your business where you could do with a little bit of administrative support – so virtual services can help free up time for you to get on with other aspects of your business.

You get the benefits of a city centre location…

…without the costs associated with renting physical space. As well as a city centre address, virtual offices provide call handling and mail forwarding services so it’s a great way to portray a professional image without jeopardising the financial stability of your startup/small business. Address only options also provide a really affordable choice for businesses trying to find their feet.

A virtual office is flexible

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you always have to work from home. Especially if you’re a virtual service user at The Workstation as we offer Pay As You Go co-working options and hire out our meeting rooms by the hour without committing yourself to a monthly contract. This means if you need to meet with a client or just want some space to get on with things in peace and quiet, you can.

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