Starting a new business is daunting – and signing up for a lease on a commercial property is one of those items on the list that can have new business owners feeling anxious, especially when most leases are long-term and inflexible. But that’s what makes The Workstation a start-up’s best friend. 

Not only do we offer flexible and cost-effective office spaces, but we also have different office layouts available from private offices, hot-desking options and co-working solutions. This way, you can scale your office space as your business grows or shrinks in response to the economy. 

A budding start-up can be launched with one staff member renting a single desk unit at one of our many business locations and as the business grows and takes off, so can your setup. Either by branching out and renting more desks, or taking over an entire floor or business suite entirely. There are plenty of options to help create the workspace that works best for your business and brand.

For those wanting to test the water, we have the ability to rent out meeting rooms by the hour, day, week or month. This means that you can take those tentative steps to having a hub for your business, without the full commitment of a long-term lease. 

Other benefits for start-up’s include

Business suites with nearby transport links and convenient amenities

Perfect for grabbing lunch on the go, entertaining clients and getting to and from meetings, pitches and interviews. Most (if not all) of our business centres are located in desirable locations that are highly sought after – meaning you are truly in the thick of it when it comes to the world of business. Each of our centres is professional, well kept and offer a flexible way to work.

An address to be proud of

Say goodbye to putting a residential address on all your business documentation and be proud to have a professional commercial place to call ‘home’ for your business. A sure way to be taken seriously and to attract new clients/customers, it’s a win-win all around.

Select a business centre that works for you

Whether you’re looking for a building that has some history and character or whether you’re looking for something more functional and stylish… we have a range of suites to choose from. You can take a virtual tour of each of our locations on our website!

In Summary

We know that being a start-up is scary… we’ve been there! That’s why we have made it easy to acquire office space, with flexible lease agreements and affordable pricing. Get in touch to find out more!