When the pandemic hit, a large majority of the workforce took cover at home, creating home offices last minute and working out how to juggle parenthood, work and home life. Incredibly, it worked and those businesses that were able to switch to a remote way of working thrived.

However, five months later we are starting to see some small cracks beginning to emerge from this new way of life. It seems as though projects are starting to take longer, training is harder, hiring and onboarding new team members is a challenge and some employees feel as though they are less connected with their colleagues.

The ability of companies to adapt the way they have, and work remotely has been wonderful, but it’s clear now that there are holes that need to be filled and gaps that need to be closed. With many people working happily from home, many executives have expressed that it being a long-term solution is not their preferred choice and a move towards a hybrid work model may be on the agenda.

A Hybrid Work Model

Homeworking has been a revelation for many, but some with the juggling of child care as well as other household responsibilities feel as though a move towards a more flexible way of working is the future.

Whether this means working partly from home and partly from a traditional office space (or designated workspace such as a serviced office suite) the balance can once again be struck. This way, the connectivity and cohesion when it comes to staff meetings, workshops, training and pitches can be found again in a collaborative and safe space for all.

Flexible Office Spaces and Meeting Lounges

There are two ways to avoid going back to a traditional office space with long leases and hard to get out of contracts. The first is to rent flexible office space, with a flexible contract so that you can expand and contract the size of your premises as you need and with the moving size of your business. 

The second way to maintain the ultimate flexibility is to hire meeting rooms or lounges that are modern, professional and comfortable for a range of purposes. Whether you’re hosting a full day of training or require the premises for an hour meeting. 

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