Since the onset of the pandemic over two years ago, many of us switched to remote working. We endured a number of lockdowns, the strengthening and easing of restrictions and finally, we’re in a place where people are now able to choose where they work. 

Whether you have chosen to continue working from home (WFH,) selected a Hybrid solution splitting your time between remote working and going into the office, or you’ve resumed your desk in your traditional office space… the different options that have become available have made working life a lot more flexible. 

So where do you do your best work?

Now that you can be more flexible in your approach to the workplace there are numerous ways in which you can work. One of the best ways to have the best of both worlds is to rent a desk or office space within a business suite, like the ones we offer at The Workstation. Why? Because we have business suites located in highly sought after and convenient locations across the UK meaning that many businesses, startups and freelancers are able to make a place for themselves to do their best work. 


If you’re someone that works well in the buzz of an office, you can rent a desk at one of our business suites and enjoy the collaborative and creative approach that you will gain from working alongside other businesses and business professionals. Enjoy the hubbub of working alongside others, something a lot of us have missed during the pandemic. 

Getting your head down

If you prefer peace and quiet to get work done, you can select a more private or secluded part of one of our business suites, with private rooms and offices available for hire. Our business locations provide a professional backdrop and a place that is suitable to entertain clients, meetings, carry out workshops, pitches and more.

Keeping a level of professionalism and striking a work/life balance

Whilst many freelancers or remote workers may enjoy working from home, sometimes a professional place to work is needed or even required. That’s where The Workstation’s business suites come into play. You can book meeting rooms by the hour, day or even week depending on your needs and requirements.

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