A lot of us have switched to remote working, flexible working and/or hybrid working over the last couple of years due to COVID-19, and whilst many people are making that change permanent there are others who are keen to get back to the traditional office space.

So what is the benefit of the office? Below we list some of the positives of working in an office space.

Increases employee wellbeing

The numerous lockdowns, tiered systems and restrictions that have been applied to us over the course of the pandemic has led to a huge 41% of employees feeling more anxious, lonely and isolated. So a return to the office for some is a welcome and positive change. 

Whilst most people site the commute as the reason for now being keen to go back to the office, most people have advocated for a flexible approach, splitting their time between home working and the office space.

Local economies benefit from office working

Let’s face it, the businesses impacted most by the pandemic have been the small ones, including the shops, stores, cafes and restaurants that have strategically placed their businesses in areas where there is likely to be higher footfall. Most offices are based in areas where these small businesses have set up shop, and they would once have benefitted from office workers frequenting their shops during lunch breaks and before or after work. 

Working innovatively and in collaboration with other team members

It’s possible to innovate and collaborate online, of course it is, but some people think that being in-person with colleagues and team members helps with creating an environment that inspires, motivates and encourages. 

It’s easier to communicate in person, reading body language, mood and emotions. Having some in-person time is beneficial to most workplaces, particularly in the onboarding process and having team building days.

Separating work life from home life

Being able to ‘shut the door’ on work and come home makes a huge difference to your work/life balance. Having a clear divide between the two can help you mentally switch off and reduces stress. It also avoids someone from overworking and developing burnout. 

Development and Support

In the office environment, you’re able to default to your superiors in a case of emergency or if you need advice on something. Issues can be resolved quicker and more efficiently in person, whereas in a remote situation – it can take longer to get in touch with the person you need to help you out. 

In Summary…

It’s about adapting your office to the new era and moving with the times. It may well be that a flexible approach will suit better than a complete return to the office. Flexible office spaces like the ones we provide at The Workstation can assist in keeping productivity, innovation and motivation in place – with exceptional co-working areas, break out rooms and private function rooms for hire.