At this moment in time, most employers are recruiting using virtual interviews by phone or video call. As many changes are implemented in offices to make them COVID safe, some businesses are creating a new normal, with rotas for staff to come in and helping a return to a normal office environment becomes a reality. 

If you’re looking for a job, be ready for video interviews and prepare yourself for the difference between those and face to face meetings. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

Patience is a virtue

Unfortunately, it’s true that the job hunting process may take longer. Not only are there a lot more people in the same boat having been furloughed or made redundant, but employers are dealing with significant disruption to their normal recruitment procedures and may take longer to get back to applications and conducting interviews. 

Working with a recruitment agency can mean that you have a middleman to chase up your application and find out the progress with it on your behalf. But it’s always good to be mindful of the strain on businesses right now, and that things might take a little bit longer than normal. 

Are you comfortable with face-to-face interviews?

Although most people are taking to virtual means to interview for new recruits, some businesses may still be holding face-to-face interviews. Albeit with strict social distancing in place. 

It’s important that if you don’t feel comfortable with a face to face interview that you know your rights and that you request an alternative interview method. 

Video Interviews

It’s never been more important to adapt to virtual interviews either on the phone or by video call. You need to make sure that your background is professional-looking, that you’re dressed appropriately and well-groomed, and act just as you would in a face to face interview setting. 

Being prepared and making sure all of the technical aspects have been considered such as lighting, video quality, and microphone volume will all help your interview go smoothly and successfully.

And lastly…

It’s important to not be hard on yourself. It’s a difficult environment right now and although rejection letters may become disheartening or esteem crushing it’s important to stay positive, stay proactive, and keep on keeping on.