Every new Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is legally required under UK Company law to provide a registered office address for their business. This is the address that all statutory company mail and legal notices from HMRC and Companies will be delivered to.

What is it and who is it for?

Some businesses choose to use their residential address as their registered office – but as lots of individuals who own businesses would rather keep their home address and business address separate, many decide to use a registered office address service.

A registered office address service provides businesses with a real, physical address to use in place of private addresses and is particularly handy for companies that don’t have a shop storefront or for businesses that deliver their services to their clients or customers where they are.

How much does a registered office address cost

Prices vary but at The Workstation, our most basic registered office address service is currently just £60 per year*. This service includes statutory mail forwarding and mail collection from your chosen business centre mailbox between the hours 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Can I change my registered office address?

Yes, it is possible to change your registered office address but you must notify Companies House of this change immediately – the easiest way to do this is through their online service. The new address must be an actual location rather than a PO BOX and must be located in the same country as your business e.g. England, Scotland, Wales.

If you would like to find out more about the registered office address services available at The Workstation, take a look at our virtual office services page or contact us on 01727 260 177 or email info@theworkstation.co.uk to discuss.

 *Prices valid at time of publication and are subject to change