When you’re running a business, it’s sometimes difficult to find a minute to pour yourself a coffee – nevermind taking an afternoon out to have a look around new premises. So when the opportunity arose for us to invite prospective tenants into our Harpenden business centre with a 360° virtual tour, we just couldn’t resist.

We’re really excited about this virtual tour and what it means for us and our future tenants. Obviously, it’s great for us because we get to show off the spacious and well-equipped rooms we have on offer to small businesses, freelancers and flexible workers – but we also think it will serve as a great time-saver for anyone considering renting an office or hot desk from us in Harpenden. We’re hoping that this tour will give those people a good idea of whether our private serviced offices, meeting rooms and co-working spaces are suitable for their needs without having to invest too much time and energy in the first instance.

Take A Look Inside The Workstation, Rivers Lodge

Find out more information about Rivers Lodge Business Centre here

The Workstation, Harpenden is the first location to get the ‘through the keyhole’ treatment but we’re hoping to roll out these 360° virtual tours across our network of business centres in the not-too-distant future – with a view to helping our prospective tenants get a feel for the place before taking up residency.

Our thanks to the Harpenden-based business, Local Insights for their wonderful work on this.

Interested in Renting a Private Office in Harpenden?

If you like what you’ve seen so far, please do get in touch for more information or to arrange a viewing of Rivers Lodge Business Centre in person. Call 01727 260 177 or send us an email: info@theworkstation.co.uk.