Virtual Offices in St Neots

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business just getting started, or an established company looking to move into the UK, our virtual offices in St Neots can offer you a prestigious address without renting physical office accommodation. Utilising a virtual office enables you to wow potential clients while also keeping your personal and professional lives separate, resulting in an improved corporate image and healthier work-life balance.

Virtual Office Products

At The Workstation, we offer business owners four different types of virtual office services to suit their needs: Registered Office and Directors’ Service Address, Registered Office Address, Virtual Mailbox, and Physical Mailbox. Take a look at the information below to find out more about each product and see which would be the most appropriate for your company. 

Registered Office and Service Address

£95+VAT per annum.

HMRC and Companies House require all private limited companies in England and Wales to have a registered address for both the business itself and any directors who are listed. This is used for all official correspondence. If you’re not comfortable using your home address for this purpose but don’t want the cost of renting an office, The Workstation can provide you with both types of addresses.

Choosing to use our serviced offices to let in St Neots as your virtual office means you get a prestigious business address to dazzle clients with while avoiding unwanted work mail at home. Any official correspondence from governing bodies such as HMRC and Companies House will be automatically forwarded to you by Royal Mail so that you won’t miss anything important.


  • Business owners who wish to use our offices in St Neots as their general trading address will need to add a physical mailbox or virtual mailbox to their basket before checking out. That way, all forms of correspondence will be forwarded on to you rather than just that from official bodies.
  • Those who don’t need to use The Workstation’s address as a directors’ service address should choose our registered office address service instead.

    Registered Office Address

    £75+VAT per annum.

    When registering a company in England or Wales, you must have a registered office address for your business. This is where Companies House, HMRC, and similar official bodies will send their correspondence.

     Although you can use your home address, choosing the option of a virtual office enables you to better protect your privacy. Not only that, you get a premium address in the centre of St Neots to add prestige to your company. Rest assured that all official correspondence from HMRC, Companies House, and other governing bodies will be forwarded on to an address of your choice.


    • Those who are intending to use our virtual offices in St Neots as their general trading address should add either a virtual mailbox or physical mailbox to their order. This will ensure all types of post are forwarded on to you.
    • If you also wish to use The Workstation’s address as your directors’ service address, please select the registered office and directors’ service address product.

      VIRTUAL Mailbox

      £20+VAT per month – Save 15% on annual subscriptions.

      Freelancers who work from home and start-ups that don’t have a private office space can boost their company’s image with our virtual mailbox service. This enables you to use The Workstation’s serviced office as your general trading address for everything from customer contact to banking.

      A virtual mailbox is ideal for protecting your privacy and avoiding unwanted solicitations and correspondence at your home address. It also gives you a prestigious location to list on your website and business cards without the cost of renting a physical office there. Don’t worry about missing anything because all your post will either be forwarded on to you by Royal Mail or scanned and emailed to you by us.


      • Would you prefer to collect your correspondence in person? Pick our physical mailbox service instead.
      • Please note that a virtual mailbox alone does not act as your official registered office address or a directors’ service address. To use our virtual office for those purposes, you’ll need to add those services to your order before checking out.

        PHYSICAL Mailbox

        £28+VAT per month – Save 15% on annual subscriptions.

        Protect your private address and enhance your company’s professional image with a physical mailbox at our serviced offices to let in St Neots. This product enables you to use The Workstation’s prestigious location as your general trading address, whether that’s for banking, correspondence with customers, or printing on your business cards and website.

         We’ll allocate you a personal mailbox in our exclusive building, which you’ll be able to collect your post from in person whenever it’s convenient for you. That way, you won’t have to receive any work correspondence at home or give out your private address.


        • Would you prefer to have your mail forwarded to your home address or sent via email? Pick our virtual mailbox services instead.
        • Bear in mind that on its own, a physical mailbox does not function as a directors’ service address or your official registered business address. If you require those services, please add them to your order before you check out.

          Bellingham House – St Neots Virtual Office

          Exterior of The Workstation, Bellingham House, 2 Huntingdon Street, St Neots, Cambridgeshire

          Our Bellingham House business centre is housed in a charming Grade II listed building that’s full of history and character. For those interested in a physical workspace, it boasts 11 private serviced offices to rent as well as open-plan hot-desking facilities and co-working spaces. With flexible terms, well-equipped office accommodation, and your calls answered by our friendly reception team, it’s an ideal choice for freelancers who are tired of working at home or small businesses in need of a space to collaborate.

          Bellingham House is conveniently situated in the centre of St Neots, right on the corner of Huntingdon Street and Cambridge Street. With the virtual office within easy walking distance of both the town centre and mainline train station, it offers excellent transport links for meeting clients, getting some work done, or popping in to collect your mail.

          For those who require physical space for meetings or solo work, we also have exclusive serviced offices to let in St Neots.