Virtual Office Services in Hemel Hempstead

Sole traders, businesses, and individuals in Hemel Hempstead can enjoy the luxury of a top-tier address at our business centre without the overheads. The standout advantage of a virtual office in Hemel Hempstead is the ability to use our esteemed business centre address as your trading address. This not only enhances your local presence but, when promoted through your website, it significantly builds credibility and bolsters your reputation. Given the importance search engines place on ranking businesses with a physical location, a virtual office is an excellent way to promote your business in Hemel Hempstead. By choosing a virtual office in Hemel Hempstead, you’re not only saving money and building your reputation, but also streamlining your post handling; we can open, scan, and email your post, making it easier for you to share documents and store them electronically. If you’d rather collect your post in person, we’ll send you a text when it arrives. Embracing a virtual office is a dynamic and forward-thinking move for any business, offering unparalleled benefits and flexibility.

Virtual Office Services

For legal use ONLY: Select Registered Office and/or Directors Service Address.
For business use: Choose either Virtual Mailbox or Physical Mailbox.
For legal AND business use: Opt for Virtual Mailbox or Physical Mailbox, and you can add Registered Office and/or Directors Service Address as an extra service.

Registered Office + Directors Service Address

£95+VAT per annum.

It’s a legal requirement for all private limited companies in England and Wales to have a registered address for both the business and its listed directors. This is where governing bodies such as Companies House and HRMC will send their official correspondence, so it’s important to pick a location you can trust. Instead of your home address, you can use the address of our virtual office in Hemel Hempstead for both purposes.

By utilising this package, your company will benefit from the credibility of being associated with a well-respected address in the UK. Not only that, you won’t need to worry about unwanted business correspondence turning up at your home. Meanwhile, you can trust that all official letters from HMRC and Companies House will be forwarded to you by Royal Mail.


  • Do you want to use our business centres for your general trading address? Kindly add a physical mailbox or virtual mailbox package to your order to make sure that all forms of correspondence are forwarded on to you.
  • Is there no need to use The Workstation for a directors’ service address? You’ll probably be better off selecting our registered office address package instead.

    Registered Office Address

    £75+VAT per annum.

    When registering a company in England or Wales, you are required to have a formal office address where HMRC and Companies House can contact you. With our registered office address service, you can use our virtual offices in Hemel Hempstead as yours. Doing so can be an effective way to keep your home address private while enjoying the prestige associated with our location.

    There’s no need to be concerned about missing important letters because Royal Mail will automatically forward any official correspondence from HMRC or Companies House to an address of your choice.


    • Are you hoping to use The Workstation for your business’s trading address? You’ll need to add a virtual mailbox or physical mailbox package to your basket. Otherwise, any other type of correspondence won’t be sent on to you.
    • Do you also need to use our location as a directors’ service address? Please choose our registered office and directors’ service address option instead.

      VIRTUAL Mailbox

      From £25+VAT per month

      Working from home has many advantages. However, it can lead to difficulties when it comes to drawing a boundary between your personal and professional life. No one wants to have to give out their private address to clients or receive unwanted work correspondence at home. That’s where our virtual mailbox service comes in.

      A virtual mailbox allows you to use our virtual offices in Hemel Hempstead as your company’s general trading address. You can publish it on your website and business cards, use it for invoices and other banking purposes and make it public for your customers. All of the post you receive will either be forwarded on to you in the mail, or we can scan and send it via email if you prefer. The end result is greater privacy for you and a more respectable image for your business.


      • Do you live in the area and want to collect your post in person? Take a look at our physical mailbox package.
      • Do you want to use our location as your registered office address and/or directors’ service address? Please select those options separately and add them to your order.

        PHYSICAL Mailbox

        From £30+VAT per month 

        The importance of a professional image in business is undeniable, and the location of your company is a big part of this. Choosing our physical mailbox package enables you to use our office address as your general trading address for everything from banking to marketing and customer contact.

        We’ll assign you a private mailbox in our historic building, and our team will place all of your post in there when it arrives. You will then be able to pop by and collect it whenever you’re in the area. This package gives you the benefit of keeping your work and home life separate, with no delays in receiving important mail. Not only that, you’ll be able to enjoy the credibility of a prestigious UK business address.


        • Would you rather have your correspondence sent on to you digitally or via post? Check out our virtual mailbox package.
        • Are you intending to use our location as your directors’ service address and/or registered office address? You’ll need to select the appropriate products and add them to your basket before checking out.

          Hemel Hempstead Virtual Office – Three Gables

          Exterior of The Workstation, Three Gables, Cornerhall, Hemel Hempstead, Herts

          Three Gables is a striking Grade II listed building that dates back to the 17th century. In addition to our virtual office packages available, we have contemporary suites available on flexible and long-term agreements.  Situated on the edge of Hemel Hempstead, Three Gables is within walking distance of both the high street and the mainline railway station. It combines convenient transport links with access to top-notch amenities for an unbeatable office location.