Virtual Office in Beaconsfield

Individuals, businesses, or sole traders in Beaconsfield can leverage the top-tier address our business centre offers without the need for a physical office. A standout feature of a virtual office in Beaconsfield is the privilege of using our distinguished business centre address as your trading address. This enhances your local stature and, when prominently displayed on your website, boosts your business’s reputation. Considering the emphasis search engines place on businesses with a verifiable location, a virtual office is a savvy move in Beaconsfield. Beyond the savings, it’s about operational excellence. We take care of your post, scanning and emailing it to you seamlessly. And if you’re inclined to collect your mail, we’ll keep you updated with timely notifications. Choosing a virtual office signifies a business’s commitment to blending traditional values with modern solutions.

Virtual Office Services

For legal use ONLY, choose Registered Office +/- Directors Service Address. For business use, choose Virtual Mailbox OR Physical Mailbox. For legal AND business use, choose Virtual Mailbox OR Physical Mailbox, and add Registered Office +/- Directors Service Address as an extra.

Registered Office + Directors Service Address

£95+VAT per annum.

As you’re probably aware, all private limited companies in England and Wales are required by HRMC and Companies House to have a registered address both for the business and any directors who are listed. Here at The Workstation, we can provide you with both types of address.

One of the benefits of using virtual offices for these is that you can keep your home address private and avoid receiving unwanted business mail there. In addition, our exclusive Beaconsfield location gives your company a greater level of credibility when corresponding with clients and other businesses. Plus, there’s no need to worry about missing vital letters in the post, as all official correspondence from HMRC, Companies House, and similar bodies will automatically be forwarded to you by Royal Mail.


  • Please note that companies wishing to use our business centre as their general trading address must add either a physical mailbox or virtual mailbox to their order. This will make sure that all other forms of correspondence are also forwarded to you.
  • If you don’t require a directors’ service address, our registered office address service will probably be more appropriate for you.

    Registered Office Address

    £75+VAT per annum.

    Are you registering a company in England or Wales? If so, it’s a requirement to have an official registered office address for your business, where HMRC, Companies House, and other governing bodies can send their correspondence.

    Those who don’t have a private office space can choose to use our virtual offices in Beaconsfield as their registered office address instead of having to use their home address. In addition to offering more privacy, this adds extra prestige to your business thanks to our respected location. All official correspondence from HMRC and Companies House will be sent to an address of your choice, ensuring that your business continues running smoothly.


    • Bear in mind that if you intend to use The Workstation’s shared office as your general trading address, you will need to add a virtual mailbox or physical mailbox to your basket before checking out. This ensures that all other types of post are forwarded on to you too.
    • If you need a directors’ service address in addition to a registered office address, please ensure you select the product that includes both of these services.

      VIRTUAL Mailbox

      From £25+VAT per month 

      Are you a freelancer or start-up operating from home and want to avoid having to give out your private address to clients and other companies? A virtual mailbox could be the answer to all your problems. It enables you to use one of our virtual offices as your general trading address, whether that’s for corresponding with customers or doing your business banking.

      A virtual mailbox both protects your privacy and helps you to achieve a better work-life balance by keeping the two areas separate. Not only that, you’ll be able to list our prestigious Beaconsfield address on your website and business cards. This helps to boost your company’s standing, even if you’re just starting out. Rest assured that all of your post will be either scanned and emailed to you by us or forwarded on by Royal Mail, so you won’t miss a thing.


      • If you prefer to pick up your correspondence from our shared office in person, our physical mailbox service might better suit your needs.
      • Remember that a virtual mailbox on its own doesn’t act as your directors’ service address or formal registered office address. To use The Workstation for those purposes, be sure to include the appropriate services in your order.

        PHYSICAL Mailbox

        From £30+VAT per month 

        Your address tells people a lot about your company, and opting for a physical mailbox at our virtual offices in Beaconsfield is a way to show that you’re worth taking seriously. You can list our location as your general trading address on your business cards and your website, as well as use it for dealing with customers and other companies such as banks.

        Greater privacy. More credibility. A better balance between your work life and your home life. These are all benefits you can gain from using our physical mailbox service. We’ll allocate you a private mailbox in our contemporary yet characterful building, and you’ll be able to access it at your convenience to collect your post.


        • If you would prefer to have your post forwarded to your house or emailed to you, our virtual mailbox service will likely suit you better.
        • A physical mailbox alone does not function as an official registered office address or a directors’ service address. Those who require such services will need to add them to their basket before checkout.

          Beaconsfield Virtual Office – Kings Head House 

          Exterior of The Workstation, Kings Head House, 15 London End, Beaconsfield, Bucks

          Housed in a historic Grade II listed building, our Kings Head House business centre in Beaconsfield has undergone an extensive refurbishment to offer state-of-the-art serviced offices to rent alongside our virtual office packages. So, whether you’re looking for a private office, a virtual or physical mailbox, or a friendly answering service for your business calls, you’ll find all the facilities you require for a productive workday.

          Conveniently situated in Beaconsfield Old Town, Kings Head House is just 1.5 miles off the M40. Our sleek office suites are within walking distance of both the old and new town centres, along with all their associated amenities.

          Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at The Workstation if you have any questions about our virtual offices in Beaconsfield. Our team will be delighted to help you figure out the most appropriate options for your needs.