Virtual Services

At The Workstation you can obtain a virtual office address in St Albans at a fraction of the cost of renting office space. This is an excellent opportunity to raise your company profile with a prestigious business address.

A virtual office address is ideal for a company with big plans for expansion. You can advertise your products and services in the Hertfordshire area, and look like a local business based in St Albans, whilst maintaining your operations elsewhere. Visit our virtual office page for more detail about these services that are also available at our other business centres located across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire.

Starting up a new business can be risky and a bit daunting, but by using a virtual office you can reduce your risk and your expenditure. Virtual office space gives you the flexibility that a modern business requires.

You can also use your virtual office as the registered address for official correspondence, including registering it with Companies House if your business is a limited company. Companies owned by overseas residents also need a UK office address where the government can send official documentation, so a virtual office can be the ideal solution.

For increased privacy we are pleased to offer Arquen House for use as a Director’s Service Address. If you do not wish to disclose your address when registering your company or want to remove your address from the existing records then simply purchase our service and use our address.

Those that have a physical mailbox will benefit from 24-hour access to your mail. Alternatively, we can forward it onto another address anywhere in the world. This type of service ensures the security of your post and protects your privacy.

Virtual Office Address

If you sign up with The Workstation for one of our virtual offices your new address will be:
Your Company Name
Arquen House
4-6 Spicer Street
St Albans

Payment options

We can set up your virtual office address instantly and there is no security deposit required.

  • £20 per month
  • £96.00 per 6 months (£16.00/month)
    Saving 20% on monthly fee
  •  £168 per year (£14.00/month)
    Saving 30% on monthly fee
We accept payments by PayPal, over the phone, electronic bank transfer or cheque.
For further information contact Dominic on 01727 260 177 or