All across the internet, on Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs just like this one, the perks of coworking are much publicised; working in a shared space means a better work/life balance, a chance to network with other small businesses and provides respite from the solitude or – perhaps even worse – the distractions of home. But once you become part of a coworking community, you’ll find that on top of all these things, coworking also offers some unexpected benefits too…

Support from your peers

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s no secret that one of the main selling points of a co-working space is that it offers you an environment where you’ll be working with other businesses who may, at some point, have a need for your services and vice-versa. But more than an opportunity to gain new clients, coworking offers the chance to build up your support network. After all, many of the businesses you’ll be working alongside may have already come up against the same challenges you face and may be able to offer invaluable help and advice.

Better office systems

Most shared business centres like The Workstation offer IT and Telecoms packages which can really feel like a meaningful step-up for your business from the more make-do home-office arrangements often used. The Workstation also offers office furniture packages which allow startups and businesses moving from a home office to fully kit out an office and be up and running in the same day.

More reasons to take a break

Sometimes when you’re working from home, it can be difficult to pry yourself away from your study. Hours can pass without you taking even just a 5-minute break. But when you’re in a coworking environment, your tea break becomes a chance to get to know people in the office. In fact, lots of people find themselves taking the lead from their co-workers, joining them for a cup of coffee or deciding to take lunch together, helping solidify those all-important working relationships.

Which brings us neatly to our next and final point:

The social element of working returns

Christmas parties, birthdays and even just a Friday night trip to the pub – when you’re self-employed and work from home, you tend to miss out the social element of working in a conventional office. But one of the really nice things about working in a shared environment is that even without any formal arrangements, social outings are sometimes organised within the community. We know this for a fact, as it’s happened within a number of our business centres. And whilst some events are arranged by us, most reasons to get together arise organically, which we can’t help but feel proud about.

For most people, the benefits of coworking don’t stop there. Often, the things they like most about coworking spaces are personal to them, meaning you can’t fully realise all the benefits of working in a shared environment until you experience it for yourself.

So, if you’re thinking about giving co-working a go, come and speak to us about taking a look around one of our business centres and perhaps signing up for a trial. Call us on 01727 260177 or email us here to discuss – it might just be the best decision you ever make for you and your business.