The rise of the flexible working space has been a substantial increase over the last couple of years. Back in 1998, The Workstation saw the need for office spaces that offered a flexible contract and all of the equipment to run a business in central and convenient locations. 

Now that we’re in 2020, the office landscape has completely changed and workspaces like ours have revolutionised business. Work and the nature of where it’s done have changed, with more options, flexibility and helping to strike a perfect work/life balance.

With high-speed internet and capable computers, PC’s, tablets and phones, it has become to work anywhere and everywhere. From coffee shops to the train, people everywhere are firing off emails, texts and completing work wherever they feel most comfortable to.

Flexible and co-working spaces were once dominated by freelancers, startups and remote workers. But now, we’re seeing larger organisations utilise flexible office spaces to help team morale, lower costs and reduce commutes.

As we know at The Workstation, every business has different needs and requirements, which is why we offer flexible and unique offerings. There are procs and cons of collaborative workspaces which is why we also offer traditional, dedicated workspaces in self-contained office suites. This way you keep the privacy of a traditional office and combine it with the flexibility of contract.

The Types of Flexible Working Spaces

Generally, there are four types of spaces available including but not limited to:

Shared co-working spaces – This is where no one owns a particular workspace and it’s seen as a first come first served situation. Often called ‘hot-desking’ this is the type of space you select where you’re going to work each day.

Private office suites – These are self-contained private office suites, equipped with everything you’d need whether there is just one of you or a small team.

Co-working / communal spaces – Relaxed areas such as a lounge with comfortable sofas, or coffee room with tabletop bar. For anybody to use in a more relaxed and chilled vibe.

Meeting Spaces – Conference rooms that are equipped for pitches, presentations and client meetings.

The Benefits to Employees

Flexible working spaces come with a large list of benefits for employees, freelancers, remote workers and start-ups. 

One of which is the aesthetic of the place you work. At The Workstation, each of our locations is selected to be in convenient and central locations near to local conveniences and transport links. Each of these buildings are either contemporary or have historical character and charm. Each office is furnished in a modern way with a pleasing finish.

The flexibility that these office spaces provide can also make striking a good work/life balance much more attainable. Whether you’re part-time, full time or work around the clock, you can pick and choose how you work, when you work and what environment you want to be in.

Knowledge sharing is also promoted in co-working spaces where business professionals work side by side, making it an enjoyable and social environment for those that spend long periods of time without human contact.

The lack of a commute has been a huge perk when it comes to renting flexible office spaces too, increasing productivity and team morale.

If you’d like to discuss our flexible office locations, simply get in touch!