Did you know that The Workstation in Harpenden is home to a very special little room called The Phone Booth? 

Inside the phone booth at Rivers Lodge, Harpenden, the acoustic panels help reduce reverberations, reflections and flutter echoes for effective noise reduction.

Although it’s not much bigger than a cupboard, it’s a great place if you need some peace and quiet to work, make a private phone call or even… make a podcast.

Podcasting in Business

The popularity of podcasting has seen a sharp increase in recent years. Articles like this one explain why businesses are turning to this non-visual method of communication. To summarise, they:

  1. provide another traffic channel for potential clients and business partners to find you through
  2. are engaging and help you build a trusted relationship with your listeners
  3. they’re easy to create, and –
  4. can help improve your public speaking skills.

How to make a Podcast

New to podcasting? We’d recommend reading this really useful beginner’s guide to listening and producing podcasts, courtesy of The Podcast Host. This handy document is filled with tips and advice about using your smartphone to record podcasts and how to edit in Audacity which is open source, free audio editing software which is relatively easy to get the hang of. It also fills you in on hosting and how to publish your podcast online for your audience to see it.

Podcast Recommendations

If you’re not quite ready to jump into the world of podcast producing, here are some podcasts that we can recommend to provide you with a good blend of inspiration and interesting topics:

To find out more about the podcasting and other office facilities available at Rivers Lodge, send us an email,  call us on 01727 260 177 make an appointment to look around our Harpenden Business Centre in Hertfordshire.