We hate to say we told you so but… we told you so! The third workplace is a rising trend and is a hot topic for 2021. With the recent mass exodus from the office and into remote work, third workplaces have become highly sought after and hugely desirable among professionals looking for the perfect work/life balance.

First place: Home

Second place: The office

Third place: Coffee shops, shopping malls, the garden shed, flexible bookable workspaces such as the ones provided by The Workstation business centres. 

The first place is full of distractions. Parents with children are juggling childcare, young professionals are struggling to find space away from roommates, the house chores are tempting you away from your computer and so are your pets!

The second place is full of distractions too but in a different way. Your colleagues could affect your focus, you may not get the quiet you need to get your head down for a particular task or project, you might find that those meetings that could have been emails happen more often. 

A Happy Balance

And thus, the third place was born. 

Working from home during the pandemic has been enlightening for many. With 73% of employers eager to retain remote work options post-pandemic, it’s obvious that working from home is here to stay. 

But what does that mean for those that haven’t adapted to WFH so well? 

Third workplaces fill the gap easily and comfortably. Whether you find it peaceful working from a coffee shop or hotel, or whether you’re looking for a hybrid office solution that is flexible to book by the hour, day or week… there is a solution to suit everybody.

Why you should choose The Workstation as your third workplace

We have business centres in central locations across the UK, close to amenities and transport links. The benefit of working at a Workstation business centre is that you can still ditch the morning commute, make your office space work for you, have a change of scenery, invite colleagues to hot-desk or co-work with you or hire a private office suite for a client pitch, interview, training or other.