In 2020, we’re already seeing the use of flexible workspaces increasing as more freelance, remote workers and start-ups move their businesses forward by leasing inspiring office spaces to help spread motivation, morale and strike a decent work/life balance. 

But this new approach to business has not gone unnoticed by larger businesses and corporations, who have seen that the workspaces that The Workstation and other companies provide across the UK offer a wealth of benefits, that both business owner and employee can enjoy.

One of the main things large businesses are focused on is their staff wellness and productivity. Often these to key trends go hand in hand with happy and motivated employees producing better quality work and growing over time.

The flexible workspace provides a better quality of life, maintaining equilibrium and producing brilliant results.

Due to the rising need for flexible working space, The Workstation now has several central locations that are strategically placed and kitted out with all the equipment a business requires.

These top locations are highly sought after, offering a professional and aesthetic place to work whilst balancing a relaxed and contemporary vibe.

The flexible workspace isn’t suitable for just one business type, people in all types of career or industry can benefit from the flexibility of working in our office suites that have all of the amenities you could possibly need to run your business successfully and the way you want to. 

The properties promote collaboration, innovation and creativity which is something a lot of our tenants say when speaking about their office space.

Nowadays, large companies such as IBM and Microsoft are using flexible office suites and promoting coworking spaces for employees, for this very reason.

Why do large corporates use flexible working spaces?

The top six reasons a large business chooses to use flexible working spaces include:

Staff morale and wellbeing

Flexi office spaces have all of the equipment you need for employees to do their jobs well in an environment that promotes well-being and boosts morale.

Most of our office locations have breakout areas that encourage taking a break, a change of scenery for brainstorming sessions and the sense of space and room to stretch out in.

Short or long-term to suit your needs

You can complete control over the length of time you lease our office suites. Whether you’re looking for an office space to use as a base for a few months or you intend to set up for a few years.

Flexible spaces can be offered on flexible terms, depending on your unique needs and requirements.


It goes without saying that our flexible working spaces offer the ultimate flexibility.

Living in an uncertain and unpredictable climate, every business owner wants a level of flexibility when it comes to running their company operations. This way a business can upscale or downscale without needing to locate each time a change happens within the business.

The flexible office space also opens up options for larger businesses to have different departments or employees based in different strategic locations.

Whether you want your team on the ground in the areas your clients operate or you want to cater to your employees by offering office space in a location that is convenient to them, flexibility is key.

Up and raring to go in no time

Once you’ve decided on flexible office space, you don’t have to wait for contracts and papers to be signed before moving in and getting started.

By choosing one of The Workstations locations, you can move in and get started as soon as possible. Your space is ready for you immediately, without delay. 

Tailored to your needs

There is a lot of choice when it comes to getting your office space ready for you and how you may want to operate.

The Workstation managed office services are designed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes find a better way of working.


Flexible and coworking spaces allow for all companies whether large or small to save on costs, and providing a suitable space for the business to flourish.

By selecting a space provided by The Workstation, you’re making savings on numerous things such as office rental, fixtures and fittings, utilities, IT, security and much more.

You can check out all of the office suites that The Workstation has available in a range of locations.