An interior design trend for 2021 is the cloffice. Haven’t heard of it? Well, it’s exactly how it sounds. A closet office.

A popular interior design option for those that don’t have space for a traditional home office workspace, the cloffice is a budget-friendly and discreet solution to having a workspace in the home that can have the doors closed on it when not in use. 

The pandemic meant that thousands of people took to working from home, with makeshift offices springing up in lounges, kitchen diners, spare rooms, bedrooms, garages, sheds and more. The cloffice has helped with this adaptation to home working, without encroaching on living space and home life.

An example of a cloffice

With WFH seemingly likely to become a permanent change for many, it’s time to reevaluate the office space within the home and whether it is suitable long-term. Some have turned to workspaces like the office suites we provide, with flexible lease terms meaning that you’re not tied in or locked down. Others have searched for garden pods or garden office solutions, a hot interior design trend for 2021 and onwards. Some are returning to the office in a gradual manner, spending a couple of days a week commuting to work and the rest of the week WFH. 

Whatever works best for you, there are a range of ways to make the new flexible working way of life work for you. Whether it’s a hybrid model, traditional office space or hot-desking solution, the options are not limited.

Check out our office suites, some with co-working and hot-desking solutions, others with private office spaces that you can make your own. Or you can book a room for a pitch, meeting, interview or project work by the hour, day or week.