You spend the majority of your time at work. So when it comes to the equipment you are using, it’s integral that you invest in quality, long-lasting pieces that will reward you with a range of physical and mental benefits.

With COVID-19 forcing many people to work from home and create makeshift offices in spare rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens the importance of quality office equipment has become quite apparent.

Here are some of the items that are worth serious consideration:


Having an area where you can set up your computer, laptop, pads, paper and pens is an important way to feel organised. It’s all very well sitting on the sofa and dangling your laptop on your knees, but do you feel as though you’re set to get important tasks done with the utmost focus? Probably not.

A sturdy table or desk to sit at will help with focus as well as providing an area that distinguishes work from home life, if you’re working at home.

Standing desks have become exceptionally popular, like this one found at IKEA. It enables you to adjust the height of your desk to enable you to sit or stand depending on how you feel.

In the office set up, a desk provides you with space that you can make your own. Creating an environment that you feel relaxes you as you work is beneficial. Some people have a photo of family members, indoor plants and ornaments around as a comfort.

Desk Chair:

Having a desk chair that is comfortable, provides good posture and provides flexibility is an important part of your office set up. Many people who have been working from home found that sitting on hard dining room chairs, soft sofas and other chair types damaging to their backs and posture.

There is a range of companies selling bespoke chairs that are suited specifically to your body to maximise comfort for work. For example, RelaxBackUK provides products that are targeted at people who suffer from back pain and to avoid back problems in future. 


Some people find that one monitor just isn’t enough. Nowadays you can get multi-monitor displays to make you feel much more efficient. Rather than clicking between tabs, you can have one open on each screen and look between them which makes things a lot less muddled and much more clear. 

Having your monitor set at the right height and position is also helpful to help posture, eye strain and more.

It’s important also to have a play with your brightness settings to avoid getting headaches or putting too much pressure on your eyes. Where possible add natural light to the room by having the curtain or blind open. If there are no sources of natural light it’s worth investing in a lamp or desk light that will help bring a more light feel to the room. 

Wireless Mice:

Instead of having yet another wire, a wireless mouse will offer the flexibility for your wrist when you’re using your desktop or laptop. The benefit is the freedom of movement on the mouse mat or table beside you and no tangled wires becoming an issue at the back of your computer. Keeping your workspace tidy and neat is another way to keep yourself focused on the task at hand.

In Summary

Of course, there are plenty of pieces of office equipment that can assist in helping create a quality working environment for you both in the office and at home. From adjustable desks so that you can sit or stand, from air con units to keep your space cool and calm, there is something that can assist in creating the perfect environment.

It’s important that your workspace is tailored to your needs, due to the sheer amount of time we spend working in the UK. But it’s also key to remember to take regular breaks, stretch your legs, make time for lunch and get up from your computer frequently!