Over the last few years, serviced offices have been set up all across the country and have become particularly popular with small businesses and startup companies. This is largely due to the fact that they offer so much more than a small office space within a large building. By leasing a serviced office, small businesses can benefit from a wide range of optional services that in the past, only large businesses would have been able to afford. Here we will take a look at how serviced offices are levelling the playing field for SMEs.

Office location is everything

London is the business capital of the UK and is, therefore, a very expensive place for businesses to operate from. However, those businesses that do operate from London benefit greatly from its prestigious reputation, which clients associate with quality. Whereas in the past only large, well-established businesses would be able to afford to lease an office in London, the introduction of serviced offices means that SMEs can now afford to lease office space in the capital too.

The advantage for an SME operating from a serviced office in a prestigious location like London is that clients will automatically see them as a reputable and well-established company. They are more likely to trust the SME and give them their business, which in time will help the SME to compete with some of the larger businesses in their industry.

High quality set up and facilities

Serviced offices have also levelled the playing field by allowing SMEs access to high-quality office set ups and business facilities. In the past, it would have taken SMEs a long while before they could afford to invest in items such as IT equipment. However, by leasing a serviced office, the price is simply covered (at a discounted rate) in their monthly bill.

Not only can SMEs gain access to top of the range equipment by leasing a serviced office, but they can also benefit from having a manned reception and meeting room facilities. The way serviced offices work is that those leasing offices only pay for additional items like meeting room facilities or a manned reception desk as and when they need to. These additional services are usually billed by the hour, helping businesses to keep their costs to a minimum.

Saving on costs

Another benefit of serviced offices is that they provide services such as telephone answering and cleaning, which mean SMEs do not have to pay to hire staff to carry out reception or cleaning tasks for them. By keeping staff costs to a minimum, whilst still benefiting from additional services, SME owners can grow their companies on a small budget. The more money they can save during growth, the more likely they are to be able to compete successfully with larger businesses in their industry.


The creation of serviced offices has changed the way businesses operate and given SMEs the chance to reap some of the benefits that were only once available to large businesses. From being able to operate from a prestigious business location to utilising staff without having to endure the cost of employing them, SME owners can grow their business while keeping costs down. By levelling out the playing field a little, serviced office providers help new companies and SMEs to make a lasting impression on the world of modern business.