In the same way that having a registered office address can provide a professional base for your business – without needing a physical location – the same benefits can be sought using a virtual mailbox.

Included in our virtual mailbox package is the ability to use one or all of our addresses across the UK as your general trading address for banking, business stationery and marketing materials, customer contact and for listings online. Our business suites are located in highly sought after and desirable areas in the UK, meaning that you’ll be proud to have your business linked to the location.

All mail that is sent to your virtual mailbox can be forwarded to you by Royal Mail or we can scan and email it to you, for a quicker turnaround. We forward mail on a weekly basis, but you can agree on a different frequency with us if you need to.

Who is it Perfect For?

Freelancers or the self-employed that work from home and don’t want to provide their personal home addresses on documentation or whilst registering their business. This way your residential address is masked and replaced with a reputable and legitimate business location for your customers to use as the way to get in contact with you.

The benefit of this is that we have meeting rooms that are bookable by the hour, day, week or month – meaning that when you do want to have face time with clients or customers, you can at the location your business is registered to and where your virtual mailbox exists.

How do I get on board?

Simply get in touch with us and our friendly team can talk you through your options, requirements and put together a package that works for your needs. It’s as simple as that!