Collaboration at The Workstation, St Neots

One of the most exciting things about The Workstation is the vast range of professionals working in an equally diverse range of industries, all under one roof. And what’s even more exciting is when these professionals decide to collaborate, sharing their expertise and making the most of the networking opportunities that our local business centres offer.  This month, we’re taking a look at two tenants of The Workstation St Neots: Cameron Paul of Spinifex Accounting Services and Hayley Williams of Keystone Marketing (both pictured below).   

About Spinifex Accounting Services

Cameron Paul is Director of Spinifex Accounting Services, specialising in financial reporting and bookkeeping for businesses and the self-employed. He set up his business from home in July 2012. Following a new addition to his family and an expanding local client base, Cameron decided that it was time to make the move to somewhere that could offer a buzzing office environment and a space to meet with clients whilst still being close to home. In November 2015, he moved into Bellingham House as a co-working tenant.

About Keystone Marketing

Keystone Marketing is an experienced consultancy delivering marketing projects, support and solutions to a range of clients – including The Workstation. Keystone Marketing began its journey in July 2013. In September of 2015 and with the growth of the business, Managing Director, Hayley Williams decided to move out of her home office and into a private office suite at The Workstation, St Neots. This gave her and the rest of the Keystone Marketing team a professional office base whilst also demonstrating the success and expansion of the business. 

How it all began

Keystone and Spinifex began their collaboration in January 2016. During a conversation with The Workstation’s Rupert Palmer, Hayley mentioned that she was in the process of transferring her accounting system over to Xero. Rupert informed her that a new tenant was proficient in the use of this accounting software and might be able to offer his expertise. An introduction was arranged and the rest, as they say, is history.

Looking back, Hayley Williams remembers: “I’d been thinking for some time that I needed some help in organising my sales and purchase invoices, so when I went to introduce myself to Cam we had a really informal chat about it in the office and it aided me in making the decision to enlist some help. I might never have made the commitment if I’d had to put lots of time and effort into finding and interviewing accounts partners; Cam being based here seemed like great luck and it triggered me to get started.”

How it works now

Since January, Spinifex has taken control of the books for Keystone Marketing, issuing monthly sales invoices and reconciling the monthly accounts. This has enabled Hayley to devote more time to other aspects of her business – something which she has found to be a huge help:  

“In growing my business, it’s really important to find credible partners that I can trust to help me run a highly effective operation. Cam’s focus on the day to day accounts processing frees me up to focus more on growing the business, knowing that the important financials are covered.”

The perks of co-working

Cameron admits that working under the same roof has clear benefits: “Knowing that one of your clients is just upstairs does make life easier. I think each time we have arranged to meet, there’s been something that has held either one of us up – but because we’re only a flight of stairs away we can be flexible with our meetings and work around each other’s diary.”

Hayley adds: “Being based in the same environment provides real flexibility for both of us in terms of our regular meetings and it’s great to know that Cam is just downstairs if something comes up. I think we’re also getting to know each other and our businesses much more quickly as we’re able to say ‘hello’ and catch up outside of our formal meetings too.”  

The successful business relationship which has developed between Keystone Marketing and Spinifex Accounting Services is not the only instance of collaboration within the walls of The Workstation. And with the obvious conveniences and opportunities that working with fellow tenants provides, we’re sure it won’t be the last.  

Celebrating business at The Workstation

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