You might have seen us tweeting lately about how much we love the exciting, varied and encouraging business community that we’ve found in St Neots.


As one of The Workstation’s newest business centres, we’re frankly overwhelmed by how quickly Bellingham House has grown in character, thanks to the various tenants and businesses that have set up shop here.

If you’re considering becoming a part of our vibrant business network, here’s some information about the shared office options are currently available at The Workstation, St Neots.

Available Co-Working Space in St Neots 

Here’s a breakdown of what’s currently available at our St Neots Business Centre.

6 Person Private Office Suite (394 sqft)

With ample room for a team of up to six people, this private office in our shared business centre in St Neots is a good choice for growing enterprise.

Hot Desk

Hot Desks are best suited to individuals in need of office space but who don’t necessarily need their own four walls to be productive. They’re great for those who enjoy flexibility, a change of scenery and very low monthly overheads.

Fixed Desk

Fixed Desk tenants are like Hot Desk users in that they don’t necessarily need their own private office suite to get stuff done but prefer the continuity of a fixed working space.

Executive Work Pods

Our Executive Work Pods are, again, similar to Hot Desks but offer more space and storage in a private room shared by two people and screened off.  

Business Mailbox

A registered address at our St Neots business centre is a great solution for businesses who aren’t quite ready to rent shared office space but would like to separate out their personal and business life. Renting a business mailbox with a prestigious town centre address is also a very frugal way of boosting the credibility of your business.

Meeting Room Hire

You don’t need to be a tenant of The Workstation to hire one of our well equipped meeting rooms. Book online now

Contact Us for More Information

Our serviced office suite and hot desk availability changes all the time. Please contact us for up-to-date information on availability and pricing. Or if you would like to know more about the different co-working options and shared office spaces available, please get in touch. Call 01727 260 177 or email