Redundancy is usually a dreaded word in business and office environments, particularly in these challenging financial times. Between January and November 2011 there were an estimated 141,000 redundancies in the UK*. But news of redundancy doesn’t have to be the devastating shock that many of us expect it to be. Instead, it can give you the opportunity to start up your own business, create the kind of work-life balance that you’ve always dreamt of, and once you’ve got started you will never look back.

Dealing with news of redundancy

Hearing that your job is going to be made redundant is never easy, particularly if you’ve worked in the same company for a long time. But while you will need to deal with the shock, it’s important not to panic, and focus instead on the opportunities ahead of you. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides workshops and training courses which will
give you the confidence to manage your fears, discuss what you’ve always wanted to do and help you to see the positives in this situation.

Pip was working for T-Mobile in a managerial role when she found out that her role was going to be made redundant. Pip had recently completed her NLP Practitioner Course, and the timing of her redundancy gave her the head start she needed to set up her own

“Should I have been worried about life after redundancy? Hell no! Someone was giving me the opportunity to follow my dream and were actually going to give me some money to kick-start it with! It was time for me to set up on my own and build my business, my first business – my life after redundancy was starting to look great! The focus and self-belief I gained with NLP helped me turn a potentially negative situation into an opportunity and one that I was in control of.”

Getting started

Once you’ve decided on the kind of business you’d like to set up, you will need to consider how to market your business and where you will be based. It’s well worth finding companies specialising in business start-ups who will provide office space to let at reasonable rates or offer registered office addresses, so that you can set up your business from home but give an office address for your website and on headed paper. This is ideal for new businesses as there is low cost and commitment involved.

Spend as much time as you can networking, both to build up business contacts but also to share ideas and advice with other fledgling entrepreneurs. The networking scene has never been so strong, and there are countless online opportunities as well as face to face ones.

News of redundancy will inevitably turn your life upside-down, but once the initial shock has worn off there is huge potential to create the kind of life you have always dreamt of by setting up your own business – more flexibility, better work-life balance and the immeasurable satisfaction of knowing that you are working for yourself.