Director’s Service Address

Officers of UK registered companies can provide a ‘service address’ to Companies House. The service address is the only address that can be viewed by the public and is often used to keep residential addresses private.

Under the Companies Act 2006 it is now possible for a company director to avoid placing their home address on the public section of Companies House registers. Directors can now provide two addresses to Companies House. This can be done when forming a new company, updating directors details with Companies House form CH01 or by filing the annual return form AR01

Home Address

All directors are required to provide their home address to Companies House. This information can be accessed by Companies House employees, the police, banks, and credit checking agencies that have the required authority. It cannot be accessed by members of the public.

Service Address

Directors can provide a service address ‘in addition’ to the home address. This information is placed on Companies House public records and can be accessed by anyone willing to purchase the information. This address may also be the director’s home address. However, many directors now choose to use their office, their accountants or a service provider’s address instead. This prevents directors home addresses from being added to the online public register.

Avoid making your director’s home address public knowledge

We are pleased to offer our address for use as a director’s service address. If you do not wish to disclose your address when registering a company or want to remove your address from the existing records then simply purchase our service and use our address.

How to use our address as your director’s service address

It is important that you use our address correctly when updating your director’s service address at Companies House. The full address to be used is-

C/O Your Company Name

Arquen House

4-6 Spicer Street

St Albans



It is important that you include your company name in the first line of the service address and enter the second line as “Arquen House”. This will assist us in identifying mail as we may have multiple directors with similar names using the service.

This is the only address currently available as a Directors Service Address.

The director’s service address service is charged as an annual fee to each director that wishes to use the address. For example, if there are 3 directors in your company wishing to use the address you must purchase 3 service addresses from us.

Why would I want this?

•Protect your residential address from being shown on the public register.

What Do I Get?

•Use of our St Albans based AL3 address (All officers covered).

•Your officer’s statutory mail forwarded for 1 year.

How does it work?

1. Each officer’s address is updated at Companies House to show our St Albans based AL3 address.

2. When Companies House contacts the officer, they will send a letter to the officer’s address (i.e. our AL3 address).

3. We receive the officer’s letter and confidentially forward it on to the address you specify.


For a Director’s Service Address there is a one-off setup fee of £15.00 per company. The minimum term is 1 year which is payable in advance. Included within the price all your statutory mail will be forwarded to you for 1 year charging only for postage and materials.

  • £25.00 per annum / per director
  • No security deposit required

For further information contact Dominic on 01727 260 177 or

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