Yes, by now, we’ve all seen it. That moment when Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed at his home in South Korea via a live video link on BBC News when all of a sudden, his two young children innocently enter the room.

During the interview, there’s a clear moment of realisation on Kelly’s face that quickly transforms into panic, as he struggles to find the words to answer the question from the news anchor in the studio whilst his children wonder why they’re not getting any attention from their Dad. Moments later, Mum races in and takes the children out of the room – quickly, but not so stealthily.

Needless to say, the video went viral within minutes and as many people have already mentioned, it is really quite funny to watch. But for the millions who have ever worked from home, watching this footage may also bring a cold-sweat of recognition and a whole lot of empathy as well.

For those people, this clip signifies what so many of us already have experience with in some form or another; when you’re working from home keeping work and family life separate can be extremely difficult.

Working From Home – A Balancing Act

As this video perfectly exemplifies, working from home is a tough balancing act to master. And the main challenge? Trying to present a professional and focused image of yourself whilst raising a family under the same roof.

Days before this all happened, Search Office Space interviewed Hayley Williams of Keystone Marketing, one of the companies based at our St Neots Business Centre. In the interview, Hayley confessed that moving from a home office into a private serviced office at The Workstation had helped improve things for both her and her business:

“Making that investment 18 months ago (from a home study) has paid dividends …  My business is now in a modern and vibrant atmosphere and my home is my home again.” 

Is renting a private office space or meeting room really worth it?

Given last Friday’s events, if you asked Professor Robert Kelly this question, we’ve got a feeling we know what his answer would be…