What are virtual office services and why do I need them?


It’s 2023, and whilst we are now in Q4 and fast approaching a new year – we look to the future needs of businesses and business owners.

Whilst the pandemic feels like a lifetime ago now, we can’t hide away from the impact it had on businesses, the economy and how consumers and customers operate. With some businesses returning to pre-covid ways – with employees back in the office full time, resuming business as normal – others have found a new normal, whether that is hybrid or remote working, or a completely virtual office setup we now have an array of businesses working in completely different ways, tailored to their exact needs and requirements.

At The Workstation, we’ve always been about flexible working, doing things in a way you need at a professional level. Using our virtual office services, we enable businesses and business owners to operate in a way that is the most cost-effective solution, as well as maintaining a corporate and modern feel.

So let’s take a look at the different virtual offerings available, and how they may benefit your business:


What is a virtual mailbox? And how does it work?


There are many reasons you may opt to have a virtual mailbox. For one, if your business doesn’t have a fixed address and you’re always on the road, it means that you have a client-facing address to use on your website and for customer contact AND you will never miss important business correspondence that is essential to your operations.

If you’re a business that wants to promote services in a particular location, and you want to boost your chances of being found when people are looking to work with local companies, you can set up a virtual mailbox in one of our many locations across the UK to aid in facilitating that business goal.

What’s more, a virtual telephone number complements this service, and your mail is opened, scanned, emailed, and/or forwarded via the postal service.


What is a physical mailbox? And how does it differ from a virtual one?


In the same way as a virtual mailbox operates, a physical mailbox provides you with a client-facing address and the benefits that come with having a local postcode. Rather than having your mail opened and scanned/forwarded to you, your mail is allocated to a physical mailbox for you to collect at your convenience.

You can also sign up for our mail alert service which will notify you when you have mail to collect, you that you don’t waste time checking!

 Can I get a registered office address via The Workstation? How does it work?


Yes, you can! We can provide you with an internal-facing address, which can be displayed on the public register for use with Companies House and HMRC. Your address can be changed at any time, but because it’s listed publicly, this service is best purchased before incorporation. Don’t forget that your Directors will also need to use the address, to protect their personal details. You can add one or more Director’s Service Addresses to your Registered Office Address purchase, or simply add your Directors later, meaning this service is painless and stress-free to use.


What virtual locations are there to choose from?


The Workstation takes a lot of elements into account when choosing where to set up a business centre, from the amount of space to local amenities. Still, location is undeniably the driving force behind our location choices. That is because, in the world of business, location means everything. If our clients are to make a good impression with their business, they require an address that shows off their credibility and success.

A glance at a prestigious UK address location quickly puts your business above the rest. Instead of assuming you are an up-and-coming business or that you haven’t yet made it, clients will assume that you are well-established and profitable. That can make the difference between sealing an incredible business deal and not.

Plus, reputation as a whole is important. Even if you are already a well-established business, using a virtual office address can give a boost to the positive image you project to the world. It will show that you are a company worthy of anyone’s time.

You can find at least one of our incredible business centres in St Albans, St. Neots, Harpenden, Radlett, Beaconsfield, Southampton, Wokingham, Abingdon, Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted.

 Check them out here!