As businesses start to wind down for Christmas and the mad rush in the run-up to festivities reaches its crescendo, we want to take a moment to thank all our clients for their support in 2018. Your company, whether large or small, has helped to make each of our locations special by creating a thriving, welcoming, and exciting community of local businesses. And for that, we’re very grateful. 

Looking Back at 2018

We’re also very grateful for all the new and exciting things that 2018 has brought us here at The Workstation, including new offices in Southampton at Director General’s House as well as in Wokingham at Markham House, along with the introduction of our second business centre in St Albans: Censeo House.

We’ve also made some significant changes to our technical operations and blew away some of the cobwebs with a website refresh in late Summer/early Autumn. Even more recently we’ve been making some changes to help make life easier for our office tenants with our online repair reporting system which we’ll be telling you more about in the New Year. 

As we look back, we’re proud of what has been another great year for The Workstation and also for those organisations and individuals who we’ve come to know through our business centres. Running your own business is never the easy option (though often the most rewarding) so we hope you also get the chance to look back and celebrate in your achievements from the past 12 months. 

Merry Christmas and enjoy your break – we know you’ve earned it!