We’re frequently told not to judge a book by its cover, but make no mistake – your company will be judged by the quality of your business stationery, so it’s vital that it makes the right impression. All of your business stationery needs to attain a certain standard if it’s to project the professional image you would want for your business.

It starts with your logo so if you haven’t already got one, it’s time to sit down with a designer.

They can pull together your ideas and inspirations and the nature and ethos of your business to come up with a logo that best represents what your company is all about, and a colour scheme that is aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with your entire brand image.

Next, you want to think about how your logo and colour scheme should be transferred to paper for your business cards, letterhead, compliment slips and any other business stationery you require. It’s best to use the same designer for each component to ensure consistency right across your stationery range. At this stage, you’ll also be adding contact information such as your registered address and telephone number and you may want to also include an email address or link to your website, so you’ll need to agree how these will
be positioned on the paper so they have the prominence they need.

For business stationery items, like letterheads, there are of course some constraints in terms of where the paper will be folded and how it will appear in a window envelope which any experienced designer or printer will take into account. For business cards you can afford to be a little more adventurous, and you may decide to opt for features such as embossing or foil stamping which could really make your business card stand out from the crowd when you hand it out at networking events.

You may think that your business stationery is all about the design, but if it’s printed on the flimsiest, low-quality paper, it’s not likely to portray the image you want for your business. There’s no need to spend megabucks and of course you don’t want your letterhead to be so heavy it won’t feed through your printers, but quality shows and a little additional outlay could generate a great return on your investment if it helps attract and
retain custom.

Your final decision is going to be which printing company to use to produce your business stationery. Many business owners feel more comfortable with a local company, because of the additional options and more personalised service they’re able to get there. Watford-based printers, Colprint, can help you to put together the perfect pack of business stationery to impress your clients.