Renting out your spare office space is an attractive option in these days of recession when budgets are tight and companies are downsizing. Bringing skilled people into your office is a real benefit. However, time is short when you’re running your own business and the thought of finding tenants, chasing references and sorting out contracts can be off-putting and an unwelcome distraction.

When you rent out your spare office space to the Workstation you don’t have to worry about contracts, maintenance or collecting rent as this is all taken care of. We’ll deal with the detail and be the first port of call for queries, so you can get on with what you do best – running your business.

Empty office space can be a drain on resources such as heating, electricity and rates. Moving to a smaller office is not always possible, and can be disruptive to staff and clients. Renting out your spare office space cuts waste and provides a regular, secure income.

Rent out your spare office space to carefully vetted tenants
Renting part of your office to a small business owner, freelancer or business start-up will bring its own advantages. Your clients will think business is going so well that you can afford extra staff. It can be a real boost to office creativity, and the extra staff may be able to provide valuable freelance skills that add to your in-house portfolio.

We know security is important in an office environment so when you rent out space to the Workstation you can rest assured that all our members are carefully vetted.

Guaranteed income
When you rent your spare office space to the Workstation you’ll receive a guaranteed income. We’ll even pay when the space is empty, giving you continuous cashflow and added revenue. You’ll receive your money on time, every month, without having to worry about collecting rent.

If you would like to know how much we’ll pay you for your empty or spare office space contact us or call us on 01727 260 177.