We’re proud hosts of Jelly St Neots which takes place every third Wednesday of the month at The Workstation, Bellingham House. Here’s a little bit more about it…

What is Jelly?

Apart from being a delicious kids’ party treat often paired with ice cream – Jelly is an informal co-working event that welcomes freelancers, home workers and small businesses to meet new people, have a change of scenery and work together in a casual and friendly environment.

Jelly isn’t a networking event in the traditional sense. Of course, anyone who attends is welcome to share their ideas and experiences which may naturally lead to collaboration – but Jelly events are not about selling, finding new clients or pitching. Instead, they are about giving people an excuse to get out of their normal routine to enjoy working and chatting alongside a bunch of other like-minded, professional people from the local area.

When’s the next meet-up?

The next Jelly session is on Wednesday 17th February. The main event is every third Wednesday of the month but do check for any changes to the schedule at stneotsjelly.org. You can also follow Jelly St Neots on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Event registration is for the whole day, but you can pop in any time you like and for as little or as long as you choose – because there’s nothing rigid about Jelly!