As virtual offices become more and more popular among the growing number of startups and small businesses, we thought it might be an idea to take you through a step-by-step account of how to apply for a virtual office to illustrate just how easy and quick the process really is.

Virtual Office Research

If you don’t know much about virtual offices and are looking for information and advice on whether a virtual office is right for you, at The Workstation we have plenty of advice and resources available on our website. Here are just a few articles that may be of use:

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Getting Started

Once you’re satisfied that a Virtual Office will meet the needs of your business, you can start the application process. Go to our Virtual Office Services page and select your preferred virtual office location. Virtual Office locations available include: St Albans, St Neots, Abingdon, Beaconsfield, Radlett and Harpenden.

Choose Your Virtual Office Location - St Albans, St Neots, Abingdon, Beaconsfield, Radlett, Harpenden

Deciding which Virtual Office Package is right for your Business

On the next page, you will be presented with a table which explains the various virtual office packages available at The Workstation. To find the right one for you, browse the information available in the tables. You can also click on the ‘Play’ icon beneath each of the package names for a quick audio summary of the virtual office service you are looking at.

Virtual Office Packages - Service Information Tables - The Workstation

And, if you’re still not sure, you can scroll down and answer a couple of questions in our quick questionnaire to find out which package suits you best.

Find Out Which Virtual Office Service Package is Right for Your Business - Quick Questionnaire

Signing Up for a Virtual Office Service Online

To start your application, click on the sign-up button beneath your chosen virtual service package within the information table or click on the sign-up button at the end of the quick questionnaire to proceed with our recommendation.

Filling Out Your Application

You will then be redirected to our registration platform, where you will be required to fill out a 4-step application.

For the first step, you’ll need to provide personal details such as your name and address, as well as provide a photo and documents to verify your identity.

In the second stage, you will confirm your subscription plan with us.

The third stage allows you to add additional features to your plan which may be available to you at your chosen virtual office location.

And finally, the fourth stage is where you set-up payment.

The Workstation Virtual Office Application - Step 1 of 4

Once this process is complete, we will be in touch to confirm registration and provide you with all you’ll need to manage your virtual office online.

And that’s it. It really is that simple!

But if you still have questions about our virtual office services or the sign-up process, please feel free to get in touch with us on 01727 260 177 or email