The Workstation – The Best of Both Worlds

We launched this campaign last month because we feel that the topic of flexible working is one that is not only important but is at the forefront of many professionals minds at this moment in time.

The pandemic has brought with it furlough, job losses, redundancies and more requiring a lot of people to consider retraining, looking for work or starting that business they’ve always wanted to start.

The Workstation has a number of service office suites, that cater for flexible working, providing a space that is yours in a convenient and sought after location. Each of our spaces is near local amenities and transport links, making them easy to get to and easy to find.

Whether you’re looking for a space to operate your business from, to hold professional meetings or pitches, to conduct workshops or training sessions… we literally have the flexible plan just for you.

Simply get in touch with our friendly and helpful team, to discuss your needs and requirements.