In a tough economic climate, online businesses need to maximise every possible opportunity to make a sale. An attractive website which provides clear descriptions and images of your products is your chief sales tool. It is worth investing in professional product photography to enhance the look of your website. Great commercial photography can really help to show your wares in their best light and demonstrates their key features. There are many ways that great photography can help to boost your online business:

Strong Commercial Photography Boosts Sales

Without photographs, consumers are unlikely to buy your products. Strong photos give you the best opportunity to close that sale, as the visuals create a need and desire for the product in the eyes of the consumer. Quality website images offer a good way to replicate the feeling of buying in-store. Shopping is an enjoyable experience, but online shoppers miss the tactile sensation of purchasing in the High Street where they can touch and try out products before buying. Website photography, which shows the products from all angles and accurately demonstrates the colour and functionality of the item, provides shoppers with a good replacement to seeing the product for real.

Demonstrate your Product’s Best Features

If you get your photography right, you can really emphasise your products and make them hard to resist. The clever use of light, for example, can show your product in the best way which makes it more enticing to consumers. If the photograph of your product is poor quality and unclear, it is much less likely that consumers will be attracted to it and want to make that purchase. Your photography will emphasise the products much more than anything you write about them. If you take eBay as an example, the products with good quality photographs sell a lot quicker than those without photographs or with poor quality photographs.

Accurate Pictures Equals Fewer Refunds

Accurate and helpful product photography allows shoppers to see exactly what they are buying before they make a commitment. Unclear photographs could result in a large number of complaints and requests for refunds as people realise on receipt of the article that it is not what they were searching for. Clear commercial photography allows customers to see exactly what they are buying, which means fewer questions and customer service headaches for you.

Good commercial photography is a worthwhile investment for your business. Save money by having fewer customer service issues to deal with, and boost your conversion rate by helping your clients visualise your products and their unique selling points.

This is a guest blog by Indigo Plum, a commercial photographer in St Albans who can help you to maximise sales on your website.

If your online business is home-based, you could benefit from using a registered office address on your website. It reassures the customer but also protects you from giving out your home address to customers. Contact the Workstation for more information on a registered office address.