2020 has seen the rise of remote work, open-plan office spaces, coworking, and flexible working spaces. And hot-desking has become something that is part and parcel of the movement of change in traditional office spaces. What was once thought as a trend that would fizzle out, hot-desking is here to stay with some people loving it – and others not being as convinced. 

However, done correctly, hot-desking can have a range of benefits from flexibility through to boosting innovation, community, and creativity.   

What is hot-desking?

Hot desking is a workspace system where there are a group of desks set up ready to use, that can be used by a range of different people, from different departments on an ad hoc basis. The main drawback people see from this is a sense of displacement. They see a permanent desk as a fixture that is theirs and that belongs to them – providing security and reassurance. However, in offices like the ones we have at The Workstation, – they simply provide ready-to-use office spaces that are convenient, efficient, and professional for those on the go.

How does hot-desking work?

Book a desk space, whether it’s by the hour, day, or week, and get to work! Each hot desk has everything you need meaning you can get straight to it without delay. It works for a different range of businesses, industries, and types of professionals, meaning that it’s flexible and incredibly beneficial. 

And the myth that hot desking doesn’t provide privacy is not true where The Workstation is concerned. We have private areas for phone calls, meeting rooms that can be booked for client meetings, pitches, briefs, and lots more. We make it work for you.

Hot-desking for self-employed workers

Self-employed professionals tend to work from a range of places. Home, the local cafe, on the move, on public transport. But sometimes, a conventional desk set up is required for certain tasks or parts of business that need to be done with all of the correct and relevant equipment provided. That is where our hot-desks become particularly attractive to self-employed workers looking for a space to get their heads down.

For those that are tied to a conventional office space – a hot-desk might just be the change of scenery needed. Hot desking is convenient, increases productivity, and comes with no strings attached in terms of a long lease or commitment. 

Hot-desking for larger companies

You might think that hot-desking is only for the self-employed but larger companies can also benefit from it when it comes to employing remote workers – enabling them to expand their talent pool outside of their local area.

This means that larger enterprise companies can scale and grow, without the extra cost of rent agreements, lease commitments, office staff, cleaning staff, and lots more.

If you’re interested in booking one of our hot desks by the hour, day or week… simply visit our booking page here!