Running your own company is exciting, and when you are just starting out it makes sense to base yourself at home. It saves you money, gives you added flexibility and reduces your risk.

Working from home is cost effective: as you have no overheads, you get to keep every penny you earn. You can even claim a certain percentage of your gas, electricity, phone and broadband costs against the business.

Tina Fisher from Altered Images in St Albans says:

“I run my business from home and it is brilliant because it means that I can keep an eye on my children at the same time.”

It also allows you a certain amount of flexibility in those early days when you might be working long hours to get your business up and running. If you need to work in the evening, or at weekends, it means that at least you can complete the extra hours in the comfort of your own home.

However, you might not be happy about your clients knowing your home address. If you run an online company you might not want to advertise your home address on the internet. Some people do not like their clients to know that they work from home, as this might put them off.

A registered office address is ideal in these scenarios as it allows you to use this address on all business material and online, and no-one needs to know where you live. You can give out this address to all your clients, and you do not have to tell them that you work from home.

Your post will be sent to one central point, where you can either pick it up or have it sent to you at home. This keeps your business post safe and secure and ensures that you receive it in a timely manner.

Cheryl Luzet from Wagada says:

“I have had a registered office address from The Workstation for nearly a year now and I love it! I tell some of my clients that I work from home, but none of them need to know my home address. All contracts and correspondence get sent through to The Workstation who send it on to me. It’s cheaper than renting an office and really convenient.”

The Workstation offers cost-effective registered office solutions to companies based at home. Contact us for more information.