Updated as of May 31, 2020
At The Workstation, the health and safety of our members is our top priority. We are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic closely and have implemented a number of precautionary measures. We are following guidance from Public Health England (PHE) along with the World Health Organization (WHO) and local health departments. We are also in regular contact with our members regarding measures that we implement. Furthermore, we have a robust emergency plan in place in the event any member has contracted the coronavirus. In connection with guidance provided by PHE, we have strengthened on-site cleanliness measures, such as more frequent wiping and disinfection especially of high touch points such as door handles, elevator buttons, counter tops and other common areas. We have also ensured ample supplies of sanitization products, and are working with cleaning contractors to increase cleaning and sanitization. Posters have been installed in the common areas reminding people of the importance of hygiene and washing hands thoroughly and frequently.
We are asking all of our members to act responsibly and adhere to the guidance from PHE, CDC and WHO, and to take the necessary precautions to safe guard their personnel and other co-workers, and to notify us immediately if they become aware of any individual in their employment who may have been exposed to, or is confirmed positive for, coronavirus. This will help to protect the safety of our members and ensure appropriate actions are taken swiftly.


At The Workstation, we are working hard to minimise disruption so you can continue managing your businesses during these difficult times. We have created this document to explain the measures we are taking in response to the current crisis.


Ensuring you get back to work quickly

We are here to help get you back to work as fast and as cost-effectively as possible. Create a workspace solution designed around your needs for today, that you can change as conditions become more predictable

Providing a safe working environment

We have taken the following measures based on WHO’s health and safety workplace guidelines. Across all our locations we can provide a safe working environment that meets today’s requirements and supports a more sustainable and happier way to work in the future.

Physical distancing

We have taken the principles of physical distancing and applied them to the workplace. To ensure safe distancing throughout our buildings we have provided this information and signage covering use of open spaces, private offices and meeting rooms.

Enhanced hygiene

We are working to the highest standards of hygiene with frequent touchpoint, surface and workspace cleaning to meet global health and safety regulations.

Preparing our workspace

For the safety of everyone, we are using floor tapes and stickers to remind all the need for physical distancing

Waiting indicators

We have placed indicators to accommodate for distancing while waiting in areas such as receptions, kitchens or lounges.

Path indicators

We have placed path indicators to create walkways, guiding people through our buildings without accidentally contacting others.

Spacing indicators

We have placed spacing indicators to show where people should stand.


We have made sanitisation materials such as alcohol-based hand sanitisers readily available at entrances to our centres.

Our dedicated team of cleaning contractors, community managers, maintenance managers, account helpdesk coordinators, and IT engineers and many more are here to ensure you have a great day at work and stay safe.

If you feel we could be doing more, please contact us on: