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Working From Home – is it Here to Stay?

Well, it might just be for some industries. As the world has adjusted and adapted to the new COVID19 way of life, one of the biggest challenges for office workers, in particular, is the switch to working from home.  Juggling work, childcare, homeschooling, pets, and...

How to be there for your customers during the pandemic

It has been a very worrying and concerning time for businesses all over the world during the COVID-19 global pandemic, with so much uncertainty about when normality may resume, at The Workstation we wanted to outline some of the ways in which you can be there for your...

Combatting Loneliness as a Remote Worker

Being a freelancer or remote worker comes with a long list of perks. From flexibility, no stressful commute and a better work/life balance it is no wonder that so many people across the UK are choosing this way of working. However, there is a downside to the remote...

What Are Your Business Goals for 2020?

Well, hello 2020 and a very Happy New Year to all. As businesses have returned to work fully this week after the festive break, we're resisting the temptation to talk about resolutions (unlike last year) and instead we're thinking about goals for the year ahead. The...

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