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Remote Working and Mental Health

As we enter week 8 of working from home, many of us will be reflecting on the rapid change to our lives that COVID-19 has imposed. Whilst many of us had been contemplating remote and flexible working as the future, none of us knew that soon we’d see the majority of...

Have you thought about your exit plan?

With the coronavirus pandemic dominating headlines, and the talks of the lockdown being eased, you may have begun to think about the return to normal for your business. Just as the government will be putting together a plan for returning things to a state of normalcy,...

How to be there for your customers during the pandemic

It has been a very worrying and concerning time for businesses all over the world during the COVID-19 global pandemic, with so much uncertainty about when normality may resume, at The Workstation we wanted to outline some of the ways in which you can be there for your...

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