It’s been a strange year for business. With the pandemic coming up for a year, many of us have adapted to a new way of working as well as the environment in which we work. 

It’s important that although we’ve been through a huge year of change, that we keep our stress levels in check. Not to be taken lightly, there have been countless studies to show that excess stress can cause physical issues such as headaches, stomach upset, increased blood pressure, chest pains and issues sleeping. As well as this, there is a mental impact that stress has also including anxiety and depression. 

Currently, 65% of adults say that work is the source of their significant stress.

The key to managing stress in the workplace is to create a harmonious balance. A work/life balance in particular. Below we list some of the ways in which you can keep stress in check for yourself, employees and beyond. 

Making time for workplace wellness

Even if you’re no longer working in the office, the topic of workplace wellness is just as important as ever. Ways in which you can make your environment more serene include adding greenery, keeping a water bottle nearby to stay hydrated, letting natural light into the area you’re working and making yourself comfortable.

Other ways to make time for wellness is to get away from the screen for a few hours. Take regular breaks and take your full lunch break to step away from the home office and go for a walk, stretch your legs or even just move about the house. 

Keep your calendar in check

Feeling overwhelmed can lead to stress. So keep your calendar organised and in check. That way you won’t have to worry about missing deadlines, meeting times or other. It’ll be a simple click away with everything organised and prioritised for you. 

To-do lists in order of priority are a good idea for those that need order and clarity. Ticking them off one by one is not only stress-relieving but it’s satisfying too. Try to take each task one at a time rather than working on multiple things at one time. 

Keeping in touch

Making sure you make time to speak to your colleagues about things other than work is important to keeping stress levels down. And sharing any concerns or stress you do have with your line managers or colleagues will be a problem shared. 

Working as a team is integral to workplace productivity and satisfaction. If you’re a manager or in a senior position, you could start a mentorship programme or buddy system. 

Having a morning meeting with the team to see how everyone is and what is on the work stack is also a clever solution to keeping that line of communication only. 

And lastly, sleep!

Getting a good night sleep is a sure-fire way to make sure each day starts well. A lack of sleep has been shown to reduce how much people can cope with stress, negatively impacting mood and outlook. 

Eight hours a night is what we apparently should aim for, and sticking to a schedule is a good way to achieve this.