With a return to a new normality on the cards this spring, we’ve been thinking about the professions and industries that have adapted and moved to a more permanent remote solution. With a return to the office looking likely for so many, by the end of this year, will everyone be going back to ‘normal?’


Those that work and specialise in IT are likely to remain in remote work positions, with the success of working from home being apparent during the numerous lockdowns. Companies such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook have already announced plans that they are happy for employees to remain remote and/or to work flexibly in a way that works best for them. 


Some areas of education may well remain remote. Traditional teaching in the classroom has been thoroughly disrupted over the last year and it’s important to get children back into education and a routine that fulfills them and their needs. However, when it comes to higher education or training, the cost-cutting of remote working has been beneficial without affecting the quality of content. 


The move to online shopping isn’t new, but with the pandemic in full swing, online sales have rocketed and it’s become clear that many people are now used to the convenience of shopping from home, including groceries, household goods, DIY, and more. Most sales-related jobs could well stay remote, with the quality of customer service being uninterrupted whilst working from home.

In Summary

There are many industries – other than those that are office-based – that could easily remain remote and be operated as they have been during the pandemic. As we’ve highlighted previously, there is always room for improvement. Making sure the right technologies are available to staff members, the correct training and support, and more… will simply improve the sector more and continue to over the years in an upward trend.