All limited companies must have a registered address but this does not have to be where you conduct your business.

Some businesses choose to use their residential address as their registered office – but as lots of individuals who own businesses would rather keep their home address and business address separate, many decide to use a registered office address service.

A registered office address service provides businesses with a real, physical address to use in place of private addresses and is particularly handy for companies that don’t have a shopfront or for businesses that deliver their services to their clients or customers where they are.

It’s also a way to have an address and postcode to be proud of, in a highly sought after and desirable location!

Benefits to a registered office address

  • Using a residential address will disclose corporate details meaning that you could start to receive unwelcome visitors and unsolicited mail to your home
  • It is viewed as a much more professional approach when you have a non-residential registered office address
  • A non-residential address creates a clear distinction between your professional and personal life

How do I get started?

Our registered office and service address package is best for companies that need a registered office address and a director’s service address for Companies House and HMRC. Your mail will be automatically forwarded to you by Royal Mail.

If you also need to use our address as your general trading address, you can select a virtual mailbox or physical mailbox.  Find out more.