Why do some people choose to run their business using a virtual office?

Low set-up costs

Although low costs are often cited as the main reason why businesses decide to go virtual, in reality, that’s not always the case. It’s true, setting up a virtual office is a much cheaper and, often, more flexible option than signing up for an office lease, but sometimes this plays a secondary role behind other more important factors.

So, yes, a virtual office can have significant financial advantages for startup and other small businesses but what are some other reasons why people choose to adopt this model for their company?

Your workplace changes every day

Sometimes a bricks and mortar location just isn’t suited to the type of work you do. Whether you’re a trade worker who carries out jobs in other people homes, a photographer who spends time shooting in different locations, or a consultant who works across several different sites, if your workplace changes every day, a virtual office can follow you, wherever you go.

Your business lends itself to a virtual environment

If you run an e-commerce site or other online business, the chances are, a virtual office is all you really need. After all, what’s point shelling out loads of money on office premises when one of the greatest things that the internet has gifted the retail industry is a huge reduction in overheads?

It allows you to cut-out your commute

If you’re looking to work from home, using a virtual office allows you to present your business professionally whilst removing the stresses of rush-hour traffic. For some, the environmental benefits are enough to completely change their way of working with a non-traditional office set-up. Cutting down on car usage this way can also provide a welcome reduction to the associated costs of commuting e.g. petrol and wear and tear of your vehicle.

It’s good for testing the water

As we mentioned earlier, virtual offices are a much cheaper option than renting office space. If you’re a new business, a prudent move might be to set up your startup initially using a virtual office which will give you a chance to ‘dip your toe’ into the sometimes unpredictable business market before you jump in at the deep-end by signing up for a long office lease.

It suits your lifestyle

If you’re looking for flexibility and a lifestyle that lets you fit in work with family life, a virtual office is a good solution. It’s doesn’t mind you doing the school run and it’s there for you, late at night or early in the morning – whenever you’re most productive. In short, it fits around you and your schedule.

Whether you’re looking for a change to your lifestyle, a chance to test out a new business idea, or if you’d like a business set-up that’s as mobile and flexible as you are, a virtual office service can provide all sorts of solutions for all kinds of businesses.

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