Many people adore working from home. It gives them the freedom and space to put in their best performance and produce the most outstanding results without wasting money or time travelling. However, it’s not for everyone. For each person that loves waking up and walking straight to their desk, there’s another that craves the buzz of an office environment. Not sure which side you stand on? These six signs will tell you that working from home simply is not for you.

1: You Get Distracted Easily

People who get distracted easily tend to do better in an office where they are held accountable. When working from home, they might find that their phone, family, or nearby TV distracts them too often, leading to them not getting the work done. If that sounds like you, consider that your home might not be your ideal working spot!

2: You Don’t Have a Home Office

You might have enjoyed working from your sofa (or even bed!) the first couple of times, but it’s not ideal in the long run. Not only will it cause distractions, but it’ll also cause extreme back pain. If you don’t have a home office or, at least, a home desk, working from home doesn’t make much sense.

Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy remote working when you don’t have a home office. You can use our Virtual Office Services to complete your work. Each virtual office provides a work environment that’s a lot like an office, allowing you to buckle down and focus on your work. You can even hire meeting lounges if that suits you. Some people simply like the buzz of people around them!

3: You Enjoy Socialising

Do you love to socialise during the work week? If so, working from home probably doesn’t give you enough socialising time, especially if you live alone. You’ll probably feel happier when travelling to an office and seeing your workmates in person rather than on a screen.

4: Your Home is Busy

Does your home feel too busy during the day? Maybe you have a partner that constantly runs errands or young kids running about the place. These distractions are never good for work performance, so it’s a sign that you might be better in an office away from home.

5: Your Work Performance is Suffering

If you’ve recently switched to remote work, have you noticed that your work performance is not what it used to be? Consider that the switch to working from home might be the cause, and you’re better off working inside an office. Don’t worry – many people are the same, and it isn’t a sign that you’re not a hard worker! It just means you’re better in certain environments.

6: You Miss the Office

If you simply miss the office, that’s a sure sign that the office is where you’re meant to be during your working hours. That might mean switching to a job that allows you to travel in. Or, it might mean speaking to your boss about switching from remote work to office work.