Whilst many people adapt to returning to the traditional office space, others are on the search for a more hybrid solution. At The Workstation, we have business centres located in highly desirable locations across the UK that can really help your business achieve a flexible working approach.

  1. Your staff can maintain a healthy work/life balance

All of our business centres are designed to provide professional yet modern workspaces that can be tailored to your working needs. Plus they are close to local amenities and transport options meaning that the morning commute is easy and stress-free.

You can opt for a co-working style space with hot-desking and shared areas, or you can opt for a more traditional office set up with private offices and/or break out rooms.

  1. We offer flexible and cost-effective lease agreements

Many traditional office spaces come with inflexible and costly lease agreements that are hard to get out of and particularly rigid. They are often quite long too. At The Workstation we offer much more flexibility, meaning you’re not tied to unreasonable terms and conditions. It also means that you can respond to the current market as your business grows or shrinks.

  1. We know what a workspace should look like

We’ve recently added to our portfolio of business centres – including some very characterful and impressive buildings that you’ll be proud to call your business’ home! We’re proud of each location and are often refurbishing and updating the spaces to maintain a modern and fresh feel throughout.

  1. We understand that every business is unique

Which is reflected in our mission and ethos. Every business centre offers a different setting that can complement a range of businesses from corporate through to modern or fresh start-ups, from a historical building such as Arquen House in St Albans to the more innovative Merchant House in Abingdon, there is a style and taste to accommodate everyone and anyone.

  1. We go above and beyond

Whilst our business is centred around offering office spaces in locations across the UK, we also have meeting rooms and spaces that can be hired by the hour, day or week! This provides an added benefit for freelancers or remote workers that work from home predominantly, that need a professional space to use for pitches, client meetings and interviews.

We’re a young business that adapts to the current changes and the ebb and flow of business – we have our finger on the pulse of the latest news, something we cover in our blog to help you stay up to date with the information you most need when running a business.