Are you thinking about renting a virtual office but not sure if it is the right choice for your business?

Enabling you to enjoy all the perks of a physical office location but at a greatly reduced price, read on to discover the five benefits of using a virtual office for you and your staff. Plus, find out where to get the best virtual offices in and around central London.

  1. No commuting

If you ask anyone what their least favourite aspect of working in an office is, most will undoubtedly say the commute. Not only can commuting add hours to your working day, but it is also expensive, especially if you are commuting in and out of the capital.

However, the beauty of using a virtual office is that there is no commuting needed whatsoever. This means that your employees are likely to be more focused and more productive during actual office hours.

  1. Global talent

Finding high-quality candidates can be challenging and even more so if you are limited to a specific geographical area. However, when you don’t have a physical office location, you can hire employees from all over the world.

This, in turn, creates a more diverse and innovative workforce that is able to learn from each other and other cultures. Plus, with video technology so advanced, you can easily schedule meetings without the need to see anyone face-to-face.

  1. Lower overheads

When you rent an office, there are so many costs that you have to factor in, such as the lease itself, utility payments, hardware equipment, and so much more. However, none of these are needed when you rent a virtual office, so you can keep your overheads low.

This can be particularly useful for start-ups that are struggling to cover all the costs associated with starting a new business.

  1. Increased productivity

As mentioned briefly above, when you use a virtual office rather than a physical one, your employees are likely to work more productively. This is partly down to the elimination of commuting and also due to the fact that they are not being constantly monitored as they work.

Although you may think that leaving your employees to their own devices would lead to a reduction in productivity, research has shown that the opposite is, in fact, true. So, if you are a bit of a helicopter boss, then Virtual Office Services could be exactly what you need to turn things around.

  1. Enhanced prestige

When you have a prestigious business address, your business will instantly appear more professional and prestigious. Having an actual office address and phone number, which can be displayed and printed out on business cards, will also help to increase trust in your brand and help you to attract new customers or clients.

Make sure that you choose an office address that is in a well-known area that is related to your business, and then just sit back and wait for all the new business to roll in.