Whether you’re a small business looking for somewhere free from distraction to conduct interviews, a freelancer looking for a good place to meet with new clients, or an employee looking for a convenient and flexible space to work on a one-off basis – hiring a meeting room can provide a great solution for all sorts of situations. So if you’re in the market for a meeting room, here are some things to consider as you browse available venues.

So if you’re in the market for a meeting room, here are some things to consider as you browse available venues.

Where is it?

Location is almost always the biggest factor in deciding whether a meeting room venue is right for you and your requirements. Is there parking? Or are there good public transport links? Is it easy to find? After all, you don’t want to lose anyone before the meeting’s even started.

How affordable is it?

Cost is another important factor, especially if you just need the room for an hour so. Most meeting venues will let you hire a room by the hour but will also offer reduced rates for half day, full day and weekly hire – which could be an incentive to book a longer slot, allowing you the luxury of a bit more time.

How easy is it to book?

Meeting rooms that you can book online make organising your meet-up even easier.

Are tea and coffee making facilities provided?

If an army runs on its stomach, a business runs on tea bags and coffee grounds, so make sure that these office staples are provided. Many meeting room venues will also be able to provide catering – but you’ll usually need to ask in advance for this.Free Wifi at The Workstation icon

Is there a fast, reliable WiFi network available?

This might seem like an obvious point but don’t forget to make sure that WiFi is included in your meeting room rate and that the network is up to speed and won’t let you down.

Is there secure access?

You might not want just anyone walking in through the door unannounced while your meeting is in progress. If this is a concern, look for venues equipped with a secure keypad or card access on the door.

Is it big enough?

Make sure that the maximum capacity meets your requirements before you book.


Can everyone who will be in attendance use the room and bathroom facilities easily and safely?

Are there AV facilities available for use?

If you’re looking to link your laptop up to a flat screen and speakers to share presentations and important documents with your colleagues, we’d suggest enquiring about the AV capabilities of your chosen meeting venue before you book.

Is clean-up included?

Not all meeting venues provide clean-up as standard – so bear this in mind and check beforehand if you’ll be expected to leave the meeting room in the condition you found it.

The Workstation provides secure, well-equipped and affordable meeting room hire in a number of locations, including Southampton, St Albans and Harpenden. If you would like to find out more about our meeting rooms including availability and pricing, please visit our meeting room bookings page and book online.